Our Services Include:

Initial Assessment & Treatment: 90 Minutes*

*feeding time is accommodated during assessments


Comprehensive History

Cranial Measurements & Facial Symmetry

Helmet Screen

Sutures and Fontanelle

Active & Passive Range of Motion for Spine & Extremities

Strength Testing

Muscle Tone

Reflexes and Reactions

Developmental Status including Gross Motor Skills & Milestones

Visual Tracking

Vestibular Testing

TMJ Function

Manual Therapy

Caregiver Education

Individualized Home Program

Follow-up Treatments: 30-60 Minutes*

*feeding time is accommodated during treatments


Treatment may include:

Track Cranial Measurements

Reassess any changes

Manual Therapy

Strengthening & Activities

Gross Motor Skill Development

Craniosacral Therapy

Myofascial Release

System Integration using Visual and Vestibular Systems with Neuro Muscular Systems

Answer any questions

Review your home program and adjust if needed.

Debit, Credit Cards, Cash, and Cheques accepted. E-transfers are ONLY accepted prior to the appointment.